View Full Version : Fuji to Olympus ???

22nd August 2015, 10:00 AM
Hello all

After some advice please ?

For a very brief period I owned an EM10 when they had first come out - I got it at a great price but then had the good fortune to buy a camera I'd always lusted over - the Fuji XE2.

I sold the EM10 and lost no money and bought the XE2 - I've been happy with the camera and wouldn't think about changing other than for one reason - the price of lenses - particularly a wide angle, the 10-24 costs about 600 and I can neither afford or can justify spending this much on a lens.

So sorry to waffle but the EM10 can now be bought for silly money and I have seen that the 9-18 lens has 120 cash back at present which means that it can be had for under 300 - that is justifiable !

So has anyone moved from Fuji to Olympus ? What are your thoughts ? Particularly interested in the JPEG quality as this is what I mainly shot in - the Fuji produces excellent jpegs...

Thanks for your time

22nd August 2015, 11:36 AM
My 9-18 is the default lens on an E-P5. It works really well and produces very good quality images.

I doubt that you would be disappointed.