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28th November 2008, 02:37 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm just catching up with business and stuff at home today, having launched our unique Olympus Safari Group Exhibition in Nottingham earlier this week.

I'd just like to thank Rich Simpson for locating a cracking venue, and to the whole exhibition team of 107 Olympus photographers, drawn from the worldwide Olympus Safari Group for their incredible contribution to this project.

An extra thanks to Steve Elliott, Andrew Cooper, Nick Webster, John Rigby, Denis Ong and John Begin for helping to set up our exhibition on Tuesday - and to Mike Hessey for being our videographer for the day! Also, to Alex Bampton and David Beunders for helping me to secure the exhibition all day Wednesday, and to Rich Simpson for helping me to oversee the exhibition yesterday.

Did I mention it was unique? I don't believe that anything has been done on this scale before - and it's such a buzz to see 200 E-System prints at 16" x 12" printed to such a consistenly high quality. I'm looking forward to us building on this success and promoting all of the individual photographers involved through our upcoming book - available worldwide (at cost) from next week.

This has been a fantastic way to celebrate our first year of amazing growth... and I hope that if you're in the UK, you will consider joining us tomorrow here (http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=106478543555192071681.000451a5a3d65746758d7&ll=52.952775,-1.14643&spn=0.005617,0.016522&z=17).

Here are a few snapshots which I took of our Gallery yesterday - hopefully we'll get some better shots tomorrow and Sunday to share with you.


We are well on the way to building a worldwide, grass roots organisation of passionate Olympus photographers - looking to learn with and from each other through our exciting collaborative events and projects. Oh, and it's free... you just have to get off your bum and get involved! ;)

Here's my personal invitation to join the group. (http://www.alert-central.co.uk/personalinvite.php?by=Brian%20Mosley)

Kind Regards

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