View Full Version : Sigma EM-140 DG Ring Flash

19th June 2015, 11:13 AM
Before I buy one, has anyone used the Sigma EM-140 DG Ring Flash with the EM-1?
Really want a SRF-11 but just can't justify/afford one.

19th June 2015, 01:30 PM
Not sure there is an Olympus-compatible version of this flash, but I do know Ffordes have 2x used SRF-11 for 299 (and a very nice piece of kit it is too, from my experience with it)

19th June 2015, 01:31 PM
All these work ok, but the Sunpak 16R Pro Ring Flash I found to be the best.

It has a little more power and has slightly more functions.


19th June 2015, 01:55 PM
Thanks everyone, much to think about now. Really wanted the SRF-11 so may gives Fforbes a call.
Brom :)

Dave in Wales
20th June 2015, 04:23 AM
I have an E-M1+60mm fitted with a SRF-11.

The SRF-11 I bought used, as new, I cannot sing it's praises highly enough, fabulous piece of kit and so easy to use.

20th June 2015, 10:53 AM
Thanks everyone. Have bitten the bullet and purchased a used SRF-11 from Ffordes, never come across their website before, they have some useful kit for sale, have bookmark it for further reference (thanks to Electricbrae for the heads-up).