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18th November 2008, 07:55 AM
Hello everyone,

we have a wonderful, detailed report from Safari Group members Gary Dowzall and John Braddick, who attended the Goodwood Revival this year... thanks to Michael Knowles for his DTP assistance, and to the 470+ Safari Group members so far, who have helped with our peer review...

Click on the image, to register for this and all of our Safari Group Special Reports :
http://www.pbase.com/bmosley/image/105925807/original.jpg (http://www.ukphotosafari.org/ukpsg-reports/)

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p.s. here are some of the comments we've received so far - please leave your feedback below... these reports are a 100% voluntary team effort.

Gary and John have written a very good report! I am really VERY pleased with the lengths they have gone to when describing the photographic techniques they adopted, the problems they encountered and their thought processes when taking the shots! Well done to them.

Overall, this report rates with the best I have seen and I particularly appreciated the number of photographs.

The written segment was lengthy and so the extra pictures provided a great balance!

Good work from the guys Brian, please pass on my praise!!


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Many thanks.

Great event. I would love to see it- but as its a long long way from NZ, your report is the next best thing.


Auckland NZ

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Hi Brian
Good write up,well laid out and great photos hope to get that good one of these days

Best regards

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Thanks Brian and everyone else involved - this is an excellent report - thoroughly enjoyed it. Sound like a good event, and I wish I'd been there (not very accessible for me).



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Comments on the Goodwood report

Excellent, it was really useful to read of someone else's issues with both an "old" E1 and the comparison of the E3 and the use of CAF tracking a moving target. I look forward to making a date next year esp on the Friday when a little quieter.

A well written and informative report Can't be faulted


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Fine report and a good looking event, shame it's so far away,


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I have no comments as to possible improvements. Only that I thought it was admirably clear and well presented. An attractive document all round.

So my congratulations to Gary Dowzall and John Braddick for an enjoyable read. The Goodwood Revival has always beenone of those events that I keep meaning to get to but never quite do. This has reignited my determination to do better next year! I have recently built a Marlin Sportster and it would make a good outing for it.
Not to mention the camera!



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Another excellent report, my congratulations to the guys & the group. I got a wonderful picture of the event and the almost party like atmosphere that obviously existed. This event is definately going to be on my must attend list when I'm a bit more mobile. Constructive comments - good level of photographic information mixed with informed comment about the event, I liked the more than 12 photos (I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to decide which to leave out either!), only a very minor point I felt that the narative could have been better placed to go alongside the images it referred to at some points. Overall though a brilliant report that I will go back & read, as you would a text book, to remind myself of some of the advice provided. Well done guys.