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18th March 2015, 12:52 PM
I am new to using video on digital cameras and I know it's not for everyone but today I had a wonderful surprise and managed to capture something unusual which would not have been anywhere near as interesting in a still image.

I was taking some macro shots of some frog spawn for a local school project when a predator larvae just appeared in the centre of the shot whilst I was taking the stills.

I watched the larvae walking and probing the eggs and then in a light bulb moment, realised that with a quick turn of the mode dial I could show the kids some underwater action of Nature's food chain in real time.

I captured about 20 seconds of the larvae exploring the spawn until he slipped off the shiny, jelly surface and disappeared out of shot. The kids will love it and I am very surprised at the super quality and results for this spontaneous movie clip.

Years ago I never bothered to see if a camera had movie capability but now I have changed my mind and although not the only factor, it is in my Top 10 of essential features.

7th July 2015, 08:03 AM
Interesting elements...!!!