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11th November 2008, 09:10 PM
Hi all

Ive been toying with this idea for some time and with christmas on the way im due a present. I read a review in Digital Photo last year reviewing a "studio flash kit" (2 flash heads on stands, a soft box and umbrella) for £250. They loved it and gave it top marks, i read this months copy today and another £250 kit is reviewed and again its top marks.

I graduate on thursday and the official photographer packages range from £85 for five pictures up to £180 for a frame or two thrown in, still essentially the core set of pictures. I seen it and recalled (ive bought cars for less than that!). So for the cost of a backdrop and a studio kit, as the official one will use also ( in a corner of the vestibule of the church) i could do the same (to a lesser effect albeit). Im taking a few on thursday for my fellow friends for beer tokens but in July i *hopefully* graduate of this degree then so i mentioned to my current class that i would do it for 50% of the cost of the pro. So £60 x the 18 and ill have covered costs and be on my way to half of an E3 and my class mates will be all the better having saved money.

Has anyone any experience with the budget price kits and if so would doing waist up shots pose any problem?

Thanks for your help

12th November 2008, 07:19 AM
Hi scanny

I have a lo-cost studio flash set up, and with modern lighting, very good results can be obtained. I have the Elinchrom D-Lite2 flash kit, plus a nice (and rather large) popup black/white reversible background, plus a 16' train that is also reversible and fits over the top of the popup frame.

This is the flash kit I have:


... and comes with two wonderful flash units, two soft boxes (I find them better/softer than brollies, especially for portraiture) and all the cases and leads needed et al.

Some examples of shots you can obtain with such kit;

I took this shot with the black background, with two flash units, in the home of the lady in the shot:

This one I took at my wifes playgroup, with the white background, and again - two flash units.

12th November 2008, 09:30 AM
I don't usually use lights but I do have a very cheap interfit twin flash set up which is OK for the money. The problem is they're fine for tight shots - head and shoulders etc - but not so fine for full length as they seriously lack power.

Another option would be a couple of cheap vivitar 283/5s and radio slaves.:)

13th November 2008, 01:05 AM
Thanks for the advice guys, its certainly a help. I think ill find a set to invest in and give it a try

The results look excellent John! Much of it due to your skill but it shows what can be achieved. Now just to write my santa letter and hope the mother reads it :D