View Full Version : A big thank you

10th February 2015, 09:41 PM
Thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement in using my new E620. Well after quite a few really low weeks when I considers getting rid of it, thinking it mustn't be working properly. I am now getting a bit more confident with the manual functions. The images are much much better (not perfect, but moving in the right direction).I am realising what people meant when they said, it's not the camera it's the photographer.
Thanks again Nich the wood.

Wee man
10th February 2015, 09:44 PM
Good to hear you are having a good time keep on in there it can only get better!

10th February 2015, 09:52 PM
The main thing is not how good your pictures are, but how much fun you get from taking them. There is also great satisfaction to be gained from learning how to get the best from your camera and seeing your work improve as you progress. *chr