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20th January 2015, 08:07 PM
I've seen lots of ? About which wide angle but I'm wondering who's using which wide lens and filters?
I've just come into olympus being a cannonite using a 5d2 plus grip wiith 17-40 and 24-105. I have too much gear and the backpack is just too much. Last year I bought into the eos m system wanting a smaller kit for when I want to go light. I didn't do too much research, just liked the system and quality but after a fe trips I soon realised no viewfinder is just not for me in the slightest. So an eos m plus 3 lenses gathering dust.
I played with the em10 in a store and was instantly hooked so no I have the kit 14-42 pancake, 40-150 because it was half price, and the fantastic 12-40 pro.
I'm now in a dilemma, my thing is landscapes/coast and I want to go wider than 12mm.
I like using filters, especially nds for slowing movement, and grads for balancing exposures.
I think the 7-14 is out because of not accepting filters, so it looks like the 9-18 will be the choice.
So the question is, who has this lens and can you shed any experience and thoughts on using filters with it?
The 12-40 is 62mm thread and the glass is just big enough to get away with using all my existing lee filters and holders, with the new wide adapter ring I just got. As the 9-18 is only 52mm I'm not sure if the standard size lee grads will suit, after all that's why the lee5seven was brought out.
NDs will be fine, but has anyone tried 100x150 soft or hard grads and what did you think? I think the soft grads are not going to have enough transition for a small lens, and the hards may be too much?
I don't really want to buy into another filter system just for this lens, so I evn considered maybe a wide 4/3 lens (I forget now but one has a 72mm thread) with adapter, but then I'm getting bulk.
If anyone has tried filters from the lee standard size please share your experiences..

20th January 2015, 08:37 PM
In my u43 "career" I've had both a 9-18 and a 7-14 (and a 5dii with 17-40 before that). What I can tell you is this:

- The 7-14 is optically excellent. It suffers from some purple flare on Oly bodies, but TBH, it's avoidable and often correctable with care in PP. It can take filters with an appropriate adapter system. There is a Fotodiox system that is excellent (https://peopleandotherstrangecreatures.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/fotodiox-wonderpana-145-filter-holder-for-the-lumix-g-7-14mm/) and I think a Lee adapter too, but neither are cheap. Several users have fashioned up ways to mount Cokin P series filters too using collapsible hoods and some cutting. This works, but usually vignettes at anything wider than about 10-11mm.

- The 9-18 is OK. It's better wide open than the 17-40L, but unfortunately it doesn't improve much with stopping down; there is still some softness in the corners at any aperture. As a result, it's not ideal for landscapes IMHO. However, it takes filters well Aand is very compact. I used both regular circular filters (10 stop ND) and a Cokin system with it quite successfully. I didn't use grad filters much, but never noticed an issue with too-hard transitions when I did.

After some time with nothing wider than a 12mm, I've just re-bought a 7-14 and plan to bite the bullet and buy the Fotodiox system. I do a lot of landscapes so I've decided to just live with the cost and buy something that works.

David M
20th January 2015, 10:37 PM
There are several solutions to filtering the 7-14. Non are cheap, some are easier to source than other. Hitech and Fotodiox both do holders and you can use the Cokin X Pro holder with the clamp on universal adapter.

20th January 2015, 11:14 PM
Not wholly on topic, but I'd add that purple flare should be reduced or illuminated with a panasonic body (sorry, panasonic did I say, I'm off to wash my mouth out :)).

21st January 2015, 03:59 PM
Thank for the info I appreciate it. I didn't realise there was any way to filter the 7-14. The fotodiox system looks very well thought out with a lee adapter, although it still means buying additional filters, 130mm instead of 100mm, but that's the price for such a wide Fov.
The cokin x pro adapter and holder looks like it would do the job and much cheaper, and it would take lee 130mm filters.
The Oly 7-14 that will be coming some time this year will be very tempting especially if it has the optical and build quality of the 12-40 pro. It would be great if the released a 9-18 pro.
I think for now I will hold off the 7mm and wait. I want to go wider but not increase the size of kit too much. That filter system is going to take up space! The 9-18 isn't bank breaking so maybe I should pick one up for now and then see how temptation goes when the Oly is released. I still have to see how standard filters would work on the 9-18..
Has anyone else who has the 9-18mm used filters, in particular 100x150 lee grads? I'm wondering if soft grads are ok of if hard grads are better, or if it really means going to th smaller seven5? My filter kit will adapt just by getting a new adapter so it's the most sensible thing to do.
Also how Ie the iq and build quality? Some honk it's good, others just ok, and is the build ok?

21st January 2015, 09:54 PM
Wide angle? My best lens for this is a Samyang 12mm, which accepts a Cokin filter set.

21st January 2015, 10:07 PM
Also how Ie the iq and build quality? Some honk it's good, others just ok, and is the build ok?

Build quality better than kit lenses, but not up the Pro line or the metal primes (12, 17, 75).