View Full Version : xDepth comopresion software tryout at Photo expo East New York City

26th October 2008, 01:17 AM
To All,

I went to the Photo East Expo in New York City today and had a meeting with someone from xDepth. The software is pretty simple and IT DOES compress RAW files to about 25% of their orginal size. When looking at a side by side preview of both the original and compressed file, it would be pretty hard to determine which one is which. The file that is comptressed is saved as a JPEG. Only the one who created the compressed file can revert it back to a RAW file to do more editing in that format.

They, xDepth are currently working with all of the camera manufacturers and they are pretty interested in the concept and the performance of the software. In their discussions, they are also talking on how this software can be loaded into the camera's engine, where the photo can be saved in this file format thus allowing the photographer to take more shots per card used. Then once uploaded to the PC they can be reverted back to the RAW file format.

Overall pretty impressive and they, xDepth, will keep me abreast of the progress they make per emails to me.

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