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26th October 2008, 01:07 AM
To All,

Well after being a part of this forum, I finally created a gallery utilizing Zenfolio.com. I attended the Photo East Expo in New York City today and found out about this service. For $40 here in the US you can setup galleries and uplaod files as large as 24 Megs with unlimited storge space. If you chose the $100 level, you can sell your pictures and the cost to you is hidden while your standard price is shown. I chose to just present at $40. There is a 14 day trial period and then you can pay by credit card.

To view the gallery that I just created go to:


When you get to the site, just click on the thumb nail and you can start a slide show. I hope that the photographs in this gallery using the E520 meet your level of quality.

Thanks and enjoy! I will be adding other galeries as time goes on.

Dennis G*chr

26th October 2008, 01:37 AM
Hey Dennis - I love Zenfolio, and have been with them for over a year now. Only one criticism, and that is that they don't yet have a method of allowing non US clients to sell their photos in anything but USD - which is totally useless to anyone outside of the USA.

Apart from this, which is a subject I and many others regularly battle with them about - they are an excellent gallery service solution and I am sure you will enjoy using their service.

26th October 2008, 08:56 AM
Nice shots Dennis, I have been trialing them the last two days as on my usall hosting site pbase the service seems to be getting worse and I quite like zenfolio so far. :)

27th October 2008, 12:57 AM
It is too bad that I saw them first and then heard about the currency issue after. I would have strongly sugested to them that they need to expand their view on this and that this would also expand their horizons as well. Hopefully they will see the draw from those outside the US and become more accommodating!

Thanks for the compliments on the shots! I will be posting more galleries with different subject matter in the near future. I am really happy with this since I have always wanted to shared my expeiences with others and also get a few pointers as well.

At least you all know now that I do have a camera and i do take photographs after months of just conversation with all of you. I am really happy to be part of a great group of individuals who take great pride in photography and Olympus as well.

Cheers from this side of the pond!

Dennis G*chr