View Full Version : PSP X2 ultimate & Olympus raw

24th October 2008, 10:09 AM
As you may know the latest version of Paint Shop Pro is able to convert raw files of all the latest Olympus E-models.

I have been "testing" this with E-3, E-510 and E-500 orf files and must say I am really disappointed in the performance of the raw converter.
Most photographers will use raw for problematic files to recover highlights.

Well, process a perfect exposed image (no blown highlights in the jpg and histogram well inside the limits) using PSP X2 ultimate and you end up with clipped highlights i.e. the converter throws away even more information than the in-camera processing.

Corel really missed the ball by screwing-up the converter. Imagine that you can process the raw file and have access to all tools like layers, selections, masks etc. Add some more sophisticated DAM functionality and they could blow Bibble 5 and Lightroom out of the water.

I have written Corel about this and all they can say is "we are sorry that the product does not meet your expectations". Oh boy...


24th October 2008, 10:39 AM
In my view PSP lost the plot a few generations back, pre - PSP7, when they were taken over by Corel and started to produce bloatware. Before that they were a worthwile alternative to Adobe.