View Full Version : Share your favourite 'Custom Reset' and 'My Mode' Settings

23rd October 2008, 08:03 AM
For me i have a failsafe Custom Reset of

High Speed Shooting
Raw & Jpg
A Priority
Centre Point Focus
ESP Metering

and for My Mode

Bracket 5 Frames @ 1EV
High Speed Shooting.

What does everybody else have?


23rd October 2008, 11:05 AM
Although I have had my E-3 for almost twelve months I have never bothered with a custom reset or My Mode.
Am I missing anything from my photography by not using them?


23rd October 2008, 11:25 AM
Depends on how you look at it.

I have got into the habit of entering the custom reset as soon as i switch the camera on to avoid the situation i had a while ago where i had left the IS off and the ISO up and was wondering why my pictures were not as i expected them to be. So by doing a Custom Reset i am back to base settings before i start.

As for the My Mode settings, i often think "oooohh that would work better as a HDR" and a couple of key presses and i'm in my settings for HDR.

They are both very useful features and often overlooked by users.


Nick Temple-Fry
23rd October 2008, 11:32 AM
Must admit I've never set either up (other than to play with), but when I saw your title my first thought was to set the camera up for church hdr.

It's nice to read that you had already thought of that.


23rd October 2008, 12:37 PM
Mmm, I like the idea of an HDR setting as I have tried the ISO bracket feature a few times and got some good results. I am picking up my E-3 on Saturday following its (too) long holiday in Portugal (incompetant Olympus repair facility doing everything to it except fixing the thing that it went there for in the first place. Dohhh!). I no doubt will have to reset some things and maybe even reupdate the firmware prior to a Caribbean (:) holday at the end of next week.
Might even try a MyMode!


23rd October 2008, 12:40 PM
Good reading for while on the plane.......



23rd October 2008, 02:34 PM
Thanks for the link. Looks much more interesting (and understandable) than the c**p E-3 user's guide!