View Full Version : Battery Grip Offer for EM-1

26th June 2014, 10:15 AM
I recieved an email from Olympus stating that my Battery Grip offer has been approved on 26th May 2014. Having submitted all the requiried documents.

Yet I am still waiting!

Just contacted Olympus by phone, after they failed to answer a email request about delivery and the person I spoke to told me to be 'patient'.

They could not give me any delivery date despite their email stating the grip 'should arrive within 30 days'. Nor did they offer any form of apology when I pointed out to them that it was now over 30 days, 'only by a few days' was the response, true but 30 days is 30 days!

They suggested I leave it another 2 weeks before contacting them again! All in all pretty unhelpful! Part of the reason I bought my new EM-1 at the beginning of May was the Grip offer and I need it for assignments. Last time with the E-M5 everything went like clockwork but the EM-1 grip appears to have stalled!

Is anyone else having problems getting their free grip?