View Full Version : Question about IBIS on a tripod?

3rd June 2014, 07:42 AM
I went out this weekend taking some landscape pics and like a numpty forgot to turn of the IBIS. The IBIS was set to Auto, and I can't see any blurring or other ill effects in my pics. So my question is, if IBIS is set to auto do you need to turn it off using a tripod? As it's set to auto, which automatically picks up movement and corrects it, if there's no movement does it in essence become inactive and so it's OK to leave it on, or have I just been lucky? Would leaving the IBIS on using a tripod cause any damage?

Cheers, Toby

3rd June 2014, 08:18 AM
It wouldn't cause any damage, but perceived wisdom and instruction manuals suggest that it's better to turn off IS on a tripod, on the grounds that the IS can actually induce sensor movement as it tries to compensate for vibrations which aren't there.

Personally, I usually forget to switch it off also. Plus I maintain that only the most sturdy tripods in a studio environment are truly vibration-free.