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16th October 2008, 11:31 PM
Another perennial autumn subject: E520, kit lens (40-150 @ full stretch)
http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/crabs2_small.jpg (http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/8814)

wet in washington
17th October 2008, 05:22 AM
Very good photo, except for the macro flash on the berries.*chr

Mark Roberts
17th October 2008, 06:03 AM
I have a twin flash and produced a similar shot of tomatoes, which I considered to be pretty stunning overall. However, a stock photography site rejected it for lighting problems. They didn't elaborate, but I assume it was twin blown highlights on the tomatoes that you can also see in your shot of crabs - as pointed out by the first person to comment. This may be a problem with no easy solution. I doubt that the diffusers with my twin flash would provide the complete answer, but to be honest I haven't investigated this problem as yet. Good luck.

17th October 2008, 06:34 AM
I'm not sure about the focus.It seems to at the back of the subject which to my mind does not look right.

Only as it is looking for perfection.

17th October 2008, 07:17 AM
I like the composition but I do agree with Andy, the point of focus seems to be on the branch and far LHS. I like the idea of a small DOF but I think you have to be careful where the focus is or it can seem a little strange, I wonder what this would look like focussed on the central crab with branch etc OOF. I hope you dont mind the comment but as its in this section I assume you want some critique. As always its only my personal opinion, I am no expert.

17th October 2008, 07:52 AM
Thanks for the comments - that's the idea!

No flash - this was late afternoon sunlight that enhanced the colours (no added saturation). The highlight spots are the sun (notoriously short on detail...!) Apart from the crop and a slight sharpening, this is pretty much as it came out

I took several different shots of crab apples and this is the one that appealed. Of course, it wasn't till I viewed on screen that I saw the aperture could have been a stop smaller, but I judged that the crabs both front and back starting to merge into the pic contributed to a feeling of depth. From your feedback, maybe that doesn't work.

17th October 2008, 08:01 AM
Here's another two playing with limited DOF. Not ones i would post by themselves in this forum, but for the purpose of discussion.... (no flash again)

1. Windfall (a story goes with it LOL):

http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/windfall_small.jpg (http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/8812)

2. New bay-leaves
http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/new_bay_leaves_small.jpg (http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/8810)

In each case my approach was not to make a faithful botanical photo with the object crystal clear throughout, but to take a subject that risks being dreary and try to engage the eye. What do you think?

18th October 2008, 12:49 PM
Well, I've no takers for the discussion but while our crabapples last I've been trying to take your earlier suggestions into account. You can see this morning's results in the gallery, if anyone is at all interested, of which I like this one: f.10 @ 60mm for more DOF. Less exposure to reduce the blown highlights
http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/medium/crabs-again3_small.jpg (http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/8854)

But.... I prefer the very first one in this thread. By quite a long way.


18th October 2008, 01:29 PM
I think you need the composition and background from the first one - but with the dof of the last one :-)

Nice colourful subject though...


18th October 2008, 01:38 PM
LOL if we still have sun this afternoon - late afternoon - I will try to get the same clump as at the top, again....

18th October 2008, 01:44 PM
I think you need the composition and background from the first one - but with the dof of the last one :-)

Nice colourful subject though...


Couldn't add any more Pete said it all.



18th October 2008, 01:56 PM
The great thing about digital is that you can explore all sorts of compositions and study the results and adjust untill you have exactly what you want or it's driven you barmy...:confused:

Always go for the way YOU like it. If others like it, that's the bonus.


18th October 2008, 04:30 PM
No, it's you guys who are going to be driven barmy LOL.

So, the sun died away but with the light moving round this afternoon I reverted to the same bunch of crabapples as last weekend. I removed one that had gone rotten, and wiped the rest over. I deployed aperture f8 in the light of the earlier comments, and S-AF+MF. There was less light of course so ISOs were mostly higher. I tried the 12-60mm, the 40-150mm kit (the one I used last weekend) and the 35mm macro. You can see the findings in the gallery where I've ust uploaded six more...

The 35mm came off worst, surprisingly! The kit 40-150 is a very very good lens and has lovely bokeh - the best of the 3, I'd say. The 12-60, a new acquisition this week, is a brilliant lens (awful distortion at 12mm aside). Also, with the 150mm I had to use fill in flash and that seemed to go well. I will just put two of them here for comparison. others are in the gallery

My choice (60mm) (oh yes - we had rain halfway through):

http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/medium/crabs7_60mm_ISO400_02sec.jpg (http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/8874)

The kit lens @ 150 mm again and flash I like the smoothness but your mileage may vary):

http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/medium/crabs3_f8_150mm_ISO100_flash.jpg (http://e-group.uk.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/8871)

19th October 2008, 03:42 PM
Jolly good progression of pictures.

How about another experiment? See if you can find something that will either block that sun highlight or add more light to lessen it. The bright white does seem a bit out of place, but it's so hard not to get it. I'd be interested in what you do and what you achieve, because I wouldn't know where to start.

19th October 2008, 05:37 PM
Thank you, Ellie - I've worked hard in this thread.

I looked at those highlights very closely by eye in these last two sessions. The sun highlight is there just as in the photos - I think of it not as a blown highlight, but as a reflection of the sun itself (which doesn't carry any detail to the eye!). And is part of the shiny fruit... I think the one @ 150mm with fill-in flash reduced it to acceptable levels. If I interfere with the sunlight itself the colours are much duller. If I clone the highlights out, the photos also become duller.

I think I'll stick with the three I like: the very first one and the last two. Thanks to all who replied - made me consider more carefully and try different things.

It's considerably increased my respect for the kit 40 - 150mm also!

20th October 2008, 11:01 PM
LOL - the wet crabapples have been picked by today's online daily Telegraph selection of autumn colours - so I didn't waste the time!


21st October 2008, 10:27 AM

Congratulations *chr