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13th October 2008, 11:33 AM
Hi all.
I thinking of buying Peleng 8mm FishEye lens for my E510. But, my friend have it, tried with mine M42 to 4/3 adapter, and wasn't satisfied with it. First it doesn't do infinity focus on my E510, also it misses a light. Everything was dark except in really sunny day if photos were taken at full light/noon. Also, writings about focus/aperture,... is opposite then it should be. I guess my adapter not working good, but found it perfect with my other M42 lenses (CZJ 50/1.8). ANyone with E510 and Peleng, please share your experience.

14th October 2008, 09:12 AM
Had one for a while, but sold it when I got my 7-14.

I wish I'd hung on to it now as I like that fisheye distortion in some situations and can't afford the ZD 8mm ATM.

It's built like a T54 tank. The lens coatings in particular seem to vary a lot between samples, but this doesn't seem to have much impact on image quality.

It needs some care in use, and responds better with spot or centre-weighted metering than matrix IMHO. The same is true of many legacy lenses, and I think it may be a function of the fact it's designed as a 35mm format lens. All that extra light spilling around fools the metering system.

There are also issues with CA with bright backgrounds (no surprise there, really - don't forget how much cheaper this is than the ZD). Mine had no problem with infinity focus, but the depth of field is so huge, focusing is scarcely that much of an issue most of the time... Depending on the adaptor, it may be your friend's was focusing beyond infinity - a known issue with some 4/3rds adaptors.

If your friend is that bothered about the aperture and focusing scale being the "wrong" way round... well. That closes the door on a lot of legacy glass then... ;) :D

There's a Flickr group dedicated to the Peleng if you care to seek it out.

14th October 2008, 09:27 AM
Thanks for answering. Actully, his Peleng is working great with an adaptor to his Canon 300D, controls are in right place. Probably I have "faulty" adaptor, but which one will work?
I use spot metering for my M42 lenses.

14th October 2008, 10:50 AM

Bought mine a while ago & still using it on special occasions. It definitely needs some time to get used to and it's not an every day lens (as all fisheye lenses). Mine has a noticeable golden/yellow color cast to it, which is easily corrected for in Lightroom. Other than that it's a little gem & fun to use.


Nick Temple-Fry
14th October 2008, 10:56 AM
Well I've got one - which I use occaisionally (and have posted a handful of images in my gallery). It's an interesting lens and like Hugh, with that huge dof have little trouble focussing.

Exposure is always goung to be a problem with such a wide lens - there is just so much of the world included in the image that it almost inevitably includes a very bright bit and something that's quite dark.

An eccentric lens for eccentric photographers, worth it as its quite cheap and the 'flaws' just add to the 'character'.