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1st March 2014, 09:54 AM
Im a newbie with EPL 5, im trying to configure it to do a time lapse, any way to do it without a remote control?
Thanks in advance :)

2nd March 2014, 12:35 PM
hi merdaska

you can setup the E-PL5 to do timelapse see below, which is from the olympus FAQ

Can this camera be used for time-lapse photography? (http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_support_faqs.asp?ID=1628&form_topic=993&faqs=9311,+9130,+9191,+9131,+9132,+9133,+9134,+913 5,+9136,+9137,+9138,+9139,+9140,+9141,+9142,+9143, +9144,+9145,+9146,+9147,+9148,+9149,+9150,+9151,+9 152,+9153,+9154,+9155,+9156,+9157,+9158,+9160,+916 1,+9162,+9163,+9164,+9165#15)

This camera's Anti-shock function can be used in conjunction with the sequential shooting drive mode to shoot time lapse photography sequences. The series of captured images can later be converted into movies using third-party software.
Anti-shock is used to delay firing the shutter after the shutter button has been pressed. This allows any vibration to dissipate before the exposure is made. Anti-shock allows intervals of up to 30 seconds to be preset.
When combined with sequential shooting, Anti-shock can be used to command the camera to shoot at preset intervals much like the way an intervalometer can control a camera. In this configuration, the camera will take the first picture when the shutter button is pressed and then it will continue to capture images at the preset interval for example, every 5 seconds until one of the following occurs:

The shutter button is released.
The memory card capacity is reached.
The camera records the maximum number of images. The limit varies depending on the selected record mode and the speed of the memory card. For example, when shooting with a Toshiba SDHC UHS-I memory card (R95-W80, Premiugate series, speed class 10, 8GB), the camera can capture 17 sequential frames in the RAW record mode or up to the card capacity in the LN (Large size, Normal compression) JPEG record mode.

Using the optional Remote Cable Release (RM-UC1) will be more convenient because the remote can be locked once the button on the remote control is pressed and the camera will continue to shoot unattended. To purchase the RM-UC1, click here (https://getolympus.com/penpal-pp-1.html).

Notes: Olympus recommends mounting the camera on a tripod or securing it with a camera clamp when shooting time-lapse sequences. It is also recommended to use Manual Focus to prevent focus from shifting during the sequence. A lower quality record mode may have to be used to reduce the size of the frames when creating a movie.

if you want to do more like star trails or have more control i used Trigger Trap, its an app that runs on Apple and Andriod devices, you do need to buy the dongle which is around 24, there are also other remotes which are cheaper and have timers built into them.

Hope that helps :)

2nd March 2014, 10:20 PM
You might find this link extremely useful regarding Time Lapse.


31st May 2014, 10:37 AM
Thank you!
Awesome video BTW...
2 months later, i know :o
Thanks again