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28th February 2014, 01:17 PM
I have had this great little camera for four days now. It is fantastic, small but all the controls are reachable, there is thumb face interference when using the rear control dial and the EVF, but not bad.

The EVF is beautiful, I think it is the best I have used, and I had the VF-4. The I.S. is very impressive, better than the PL-5, it works.

Handling is not bad, and I have had the 75-300mm on it almost all the time. The buttons are in easy reach, the only niggle here would be I wish they raised the "info" button, because you need to press that in magnify mode to change the size of the zoom AF box, but you can see it out of the corner of your eye. They could have put a little deeper detent in the control wheels. I read they were easy to turn, and was hoping it wouldn't be the case on the production models, but it is. The front control wheel has a little bit of up and down movement, I'll worry about that when it falls off, and it won't.

Focus is fast, and most of the time accurate. It missed twice repeatedly, ( kept aiming at the same thing and tried to get focus), one time I know why, I was really challenging it. The second time was of a bird on a branch against a blue sky....CDAF what more contrast do you want? Except for that one time the AF never missed.

ISO400 1/250 F6.7 I.S. Auto

ISO800 1/2000 F6.7, this was in a series of 4 or 5 taken with sequential low http://www.e-group.uk.net/gallery/data/500/P2260026.jpg

ISO 2000 1/1600 F7.1. Lost Greylag, he is usually on the lake, but this day he was on the river.

ISO1600 1/13 F6.7 I was waiting for the sunrise and saw this. This is when I was wow'd by the I.S. So used to trying to focus and having the area jump around so you are guessing. I just picked an I.S. (either 1 or 4), and the image stabilized so I could get focus. Yes it did AF on the moon, but I was shooting through dirty glass and didn't trust it.

ISO1600 1/1000 F13 DTC on , contrast and sharpening -2. I was shooting Goldeneyes on the water when these flew over I didn't have time to re-adjust so I just shot. I think this is the best of 3.

It is a great camera capable of great images. I wanted the M1, I'm glad I couldn't afford it because this is all I need, perhaps more.

One last thing, battery life. I don't find it that bad, but I have it set up so the LCD doesn't show live view. Sorry I can't say more about it, like how many shots per charge.....at least 50, but I have not been counting.

28th February 2014, 08:01 PM
Thanks for posting - sounds like it's a winner :)

28th February 2014, 08:05 PM
I was tempted but now waiting for a Stylus 1, as it saves carrying lenses when out an about, so it will be a nice sidekick to my EM1..

26th April 2014, 07:33 PM
Loved reading your review and seeing the photos you've taken with the E-M10.
I recently bought this camera with a std 14-42 lens and purchased a Panasonic 45-150 f4-56 lens.. I would like the Olympus 75-300 f4 that you have. I'm going to make that my next photography equipment purchase.

I'm just a beginner at digital photography; and at present learning to use my new camera and all that technology I'm needing to understand. I must admit I'm struggling a wee bit. But I absolutely love the E-M10. Only used it once for a short while outdoors and a few practise photos indoors. I hope to get good enough to replicate the quality of your photos eventually. They are excellent.

Some of my first attemps>









All taken using different settings to try out my new toy; I'm hoping to improve the quality as I learn how to use the camera mor proficiently.

27th April 2014, 06:27 AM
A few things I learned is don't be afraid to turn up the ISO, 800 is not like film 800. Play, experiment and most of all enjoy. I have a couple of threads under the E-PL5 section demonstrating low light, and comparing ISO's not with film but the E-30, and E-1, just to show how far we have come in 10 years, and how good the ISO performance is. The most amazing of the bunch is probably the night pub image I thought I took at ISO6400 the first day with the PL-5....it was at 25,600.....

Don't worry to much about under exposed images either. I had deleted a bunch I thought were to dark, then when I got home a couple that I had saved I was able to recover in Lightroom, and they were at least 2 stops under, because that is how far I brought them back, AND very little noise in the shadows at ISO 800.

Ahh this one is it. Straight out of the camera, and basically since the camera was new it was at factory settings.

The 10 can only be better, same sensor, better image processing engine.