View Full Version : Image Upload - does what it says on the tin...

16th February 2014, 11:52 AM
Firstly, kudos to Ian, secondly, I admit to being horribly lazy.

Lazy? Well, I really can't be bothered to faff with the upload to gallery feature when I have a small shed load of images to upload. I get bored after the first two, having to browse for each image, individually.

No longer - the adding of several images via a zip file now works as expected after a bit of debugging between Ian and I a few days ago...

If you tried and were frustrated before, try again - it now works!!


7th March 2014, 10:42 AM
What's Andy waffling on about? :D

Basically the gallery Zip upload facility was broken. It's now fixed and so you can upload multiple images with less hassle by assembling them into a Zip file first so you only need to select and upload one file. Why not try it? :)