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1st October 2008, 03:14 PM
Jpeg-Compatible Raw Image Format and Compression Technology for DSLRs Revealed
XDepth Raw is designed to compress Raw images from digital cameras.

SAN RAFAEL DE ESCAZU, Costa Rica, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Trellis Management Co. Ltd. presents its latest image compression technology for digital cameras at the upcoming PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo.

XDepth Raw is the only image compression and file format solution able to function both as a common Jpeg and as a Raw image.

Too often amateur and professional photographers alike wondered why they couldn't have all the flexibility and precision of a Raw shot within a universally compatible format like Jpeg.

XDepth Raw not only fully satisfies the need for a compatible and flexible format but it also provides exponentially more precision and dynamic range than current cameras can capture. XDepth Raw is in fact capable of storing up to 72bit/pixel at full High Dynamic Range.

XDepth Raw images are recognized as Jpeg files by any software application on virtually every operating system and can be previewed and used as common jpegs. When opened with XDepth-enabled software instead, the same files are recognized and loaded as Raw camera pictures.

Camera makers employ all sorts of algorithms in order reduce the size of their Raw images although still remaining in the realm of the "heavy digital pictures" as Raw files can take up to 1.5 MBytes for each Mega-Pixel. XDepth Raw reduces on average this figure to 0.2 MBytes for each Mega-Pixel of resolution, featuring an outstanding 7:1 compression ratio compared to the uncompressed Raw file.

XDepth Raw employs a proprietary technology able to literally restore the original fine details found in the uncompressed Raw picture at high bit depths without sacrificing visual quality.

The XDepth brand will be sponsoring the PDN PhotoPlus Expo Press Room area for the entire event. Attending interested parties can request a live demonstration of XDepth technologies by booking an appointment online through the PhotoPlus Connect service.

Learn more about how XDepth Raw works by visiting the website at: http://raw.xdepth.com/ .

Trellis Management is a privately held company focused on technology IP's licensing, acquisition and sale. Trellis Management is not related nor affiliated with the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG).

SOURCE Trellis Management Co. Ltd.