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Bill Gordon
13th December 2007, 09:21 PM
Dear friends
Last night I attended a Christmas concert at my Grandaughters' school and decided that I should take my new camera with me. I fitted it with the 40-150mm lens and for the first time with this new camera initiated my introduction to this amazing new technology. What a fantastic and amazing tool this is going to be ... the results were astounding ... during the shooting my daughter mentioned that the pop up flash had not popped up!! When I showed her the results without the flash she couldn't believe it. First of all, as I had thought, the ISO settings are nut fixed at 100-200-400 etc but in smaller amounts and I was shooting at between 400 and 800 with just amazing results!! The speed of focus, the going to sleep and awakening of the camera, despite the added or extra weight from the E-1 was completely forgotten in the amazing ease of shooting, I can honestly tell you that it really is a mighty machine!! This baptism of fire has resulted in my complete adoration of this new tool in the attempt to capture better images!! In a matter of one and a half hours I shot 78 images, only two to be discarded, the IS worked beautifully and ended up in very sharp images shooting at 1/25 or 1/10th of a second!! I am left to pinch myself to see if it is true!! My Grandaughter is the girl in the middle!

13th December 2007, 09:48 PM
Hi Bill -

You certainly seem enthused with your E-3 (drool) especially as you were trigger happy with it.

I think you forgot the pic.

Regards. Barr1e