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Steve Roughley
28th September 2008, 03:24 PM
Some photos from this weekend.
A big thank you to all who posted such encouraging comments to my last thread. I was lost for words.






Thanks for looking
Comments welcome


28th September 2008, 11:39 PM
The combination of E-3 and 11-22 seems to work well. Beautiful colours and very sharp!

Of the five shots, the first and second, although of high quality, don't really work for me as well as the others because I want to be able to see the tops of the crags. A slightly lower viewpoint in the first shot might have moved the overhanging branch up into the sky and I think that would be more pleasing.

The third and fourth shots both work much better but I find the grasses a bit too prominent in the fourth shot, particularly those silhouetted in the sky and the tall one on the right, as they tend to distract the eye. The third shot is really very good with superb reflections.

For me, the best is the fifth shot because of the front-to-back sharpness and blurring of the water along with all the detail that has been recorded.

An excellent set of pictures *yes



Nick Temple-Fry
29th September 2008, 12:08 AM
A lovely set of pictures, seems invidious to make even small criticisms, but this is 'looking for perfection' so that's what you've asked for.

1'st - a little too dark, too green, it's difficult with those trees as they are such a dense band. I've had some success with exposure-blend plug-in in The GIMP and a +1/-1 from the original RAW.

2'nd -just lovely - a great path of light across the grass pulling you into the picture - I could be sitting there with a cup of coffee from the thermos, not needing to think at all.

3'rd one - well I'm a little bit cooler on this, somehow it feels to me a bit closed in, I think it is because the inlet (?) and the camera angle are only giving me one place to look.

4'th - Almost the same scene, but to me what a difference - the light is doing so much work for you, picking out the grasses and the young growth in the water. Great shot, though I'd be inclined to regret not brushing that one oof grass stem aside across the bottom foreground.

5'th - great exposure for the water - lovely choice of angle with that foreground rock coming across the bottom quadrant. If I have to nitpick then it's the small area of sky, again blending in of a -1 or -2 from the raw might help tame it.

A great set

Thank you for posting.


29th September 2008, 04:03 AM
For me no.s 2 and 5 are very good. Cannot wait to get to the lakes for a break late October....

Great work Steve.....

29th September 2008, 06:12 AM
Like them...how do you process the RAWs for the colours?

29th September 2008, 08:05 AM
Masterly set (and a real pleasure after seeing so many landscapes ruined by hdr-ing on Flickr etc.)

I particularly like #1 & #4 for the composition; #3 for me is the least interesting but they are all very beautiful shots.

btw did you use a polarizing filter?

Steve Roughley
29th September 2008, 06:30 PM
Thank you for your comments. I find them all usefull.
I have been experimenting with slightly different viewpoints.
Low down seems to work for me usually with the camera on a tripod about 5 inches off the ground. This is where the flip out screen on the E3 with liveview comes into its own.
These images are procesed in lightroom and cs3. A polarizing filter was fitted on all the shots( to try and get some detail of the lake bed ) as well as 0.9 & 0.6 nd grad filters. You may notice that some of the water seems to have an oilly look to it. Usually in the botton left hand corner. This seems to be a product of stacking the polatizing filter with the grads. In these shots I have also been experiencing a reflection on the nd filters which intrudes into the photo unless I put my hand just on top of the lens behind the filters. Either that or shade the whole of the front of the filters. Something which is often not easy with a wide angle lens and the angle of the sun.

Shots 1&2 I would have also liked to see the tops of the mountains below the trees but the location did not allow for this. I would have had to have been under the tree more and the water was in the way.
Stot 2 looks better for the sun lighting up the grass I was slightly rushed though as out of a two and a half hour stay at the lake the sun only lit the scene like this for about 30 seconds.
It was really interesting how the location changed with the angle of the light, I have been here quite a few times but never late on in the day/ early evening. Shooting positions just seemed to open up in a 30 min spell towards sunset.

In shot 4 I was unsure whether to include the out of focus grass. The image just seemed better for them being in though.
Shot 5 would have been better for some colour in the sky but as all the water was in the shade and the sun was setting & really bright there was no chance to capture the sky and hold as much detail as I have got in the rocks. I will have a look to see if I can get any sky detail back from the raw files.

Thank you all again for your comments its great to have some feedback and peoples thoughts. I find it really helpfull.
Location of lake 531'41.8"N, 48'41.2"W
Beddgelert forest.


29th September 2008, 08:29 PM
Your shots really do inspire me.

I haven't really tried any landscape shots yet and am still learning the very basics of photography, but, if in the future I can get results anywhere near the quality of yours I will be a happy chappy.

Thanks for sharing them and keep them coming *chr

29th September 2008, 10:13 PM
Some very nice photos again Steve, I particularly like the last one of the waterfall. Must make more of an effort myself to get out to locations like this, especially as the best time of the year (photographically speaking) is just upon us.

Thanks for posting them.