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12th December 2007, 08:27 PM
This guy has posted a lot of images on the fourthirds-user.com site and thought it worth a visit to his site.

I think he likes the E3 and Olympus.

(Esta es la nueva Olympus E-3 que recien acaba de salir al mercado, versatil, ligera, con todas las funciones del mundo.
Una velocidad increíble, espectaculares e impecables imágenes, a prueba de golpes y de salpicadura de agua, para saber mas de ella pulse aqui para ver el brochore en PDF. Al pulsar aqui verás un video con las utilidades de la cámara y al pulsar aqui verás diferentes ángulos de la nueva Oly E-3 y tres slides shows.)

The new camera Olympus AND-3 Friday, 19. October 2007, 06:05:44

This is the new one Olympus AND-3 that recien has just left to the market, versatil, light, with all the functions of the world. An incredible, spectacular and impeccable velocity images, blows-proof and of splash of water, to know but of her press aqui for see the brochore in PDF. Upon pressing aqui you will see a video with the utilities of the camera and upon pressing aqui will see different angles of the new one Oly AND-3 and three slides shows.

This is a link to his site.

Regards. Barr1e