View Full Version : Would you recommend the "Craft Fairs" and Exhibitions for Sales and Profit ?

3rd December 2013, 10:07 AM
Chevvy asked this in the 75-300 Birds thread and rather than go off-topic there I thought I Would start a new thread in case it was of interest to others (and in case others of us who get involved in this type of thing and want to share experiences / thoughts?)

My response is that it can be, but not if you want it to be your main income.

Being retired I do it (with my wife) as a way of covering the costs of my hobby and as a way of have a wide range of fun social interactions (both with stall holders and the public). We have made some good friends as a result of this over the past 10 years or so we have been doing it

I have developed my activities such that I now cover all my costs of printing, mounting and framing my work, entry fees for the fairs and exhibitions etc, pay the taxman his share and still have between 300 to 1000 left at the end of the year to buy new toys (such as the EM-1 :) )

Its also a darned good way of getting feedback on your work, from fellow photographers (who are never backward in giving their opinions I find) and from the public at large.

Its also very good for the ego when people come to another show and either tell you how much they are enjoying the picture they got from you last time (even better when they buy another *chr )

It is hard work, it can be very depressing when you have a bad exhibition / fair with few sales (worse yet when few people turn up and you are bored out of your skull ;) )

So, I wouldn't recommend it (can't take any more competitions! :D ) but if you are the right type of person you can find it very rewarding

3rd December 2013, 02:50 PM
My wife does this with her paintings and costume jewellery. It's social, quite enjoyable on a good day, boring beyond belief on a bad day.

You can and should make a profit but don't ever work out the hourly rate.

Ulfric M Douglas
3rd December 2013, 03:19 PM
Ekk ... the boringness and chilly toes puts me off.
I've manned different stalls for friends and can't say I ever enjoy it.