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29th November 2013, 02:57 PM
In another thread I mentioned in passing that I would be using the EM-1 in the Studio, with its first test being a club studio night when we would be shooting fine art nude silhouettes

Chevvy (and I think a few others asked to see the results) but as I'm not sure how the site T&Cs apply I have only put together a couple of examples which are pretty heavily processed to remove any detail (note these are only semi-nude and non-offensive shots, you would see worse on the beach :) )

Anyway, after that pre-amble here are a couple of mine, shot to bring a touch of humour into the subject (mods, if I have over-stepped any marks please remove)

The little dog sings and dances to "You make me wanna shout" and the idea was that the model would be instructing the dog to sit, at which point I asked her to press its paw (which started it off) and she burst into giggles, then gave him his reward)

The fun thing in the 2nd shot is that it was still singing and waggling its ears and I managed to time it so that the ears were up at just the right moment :)



Good Dog


The EM-1 performed beautifully, working with ISO 100 setting, and the EVF boost setting on, with the 12-50 kit lens on the front

The original files are full of lovely soft detail and the skin / hair are reproduced well, up there with my 5Dmk2 and 24-105 L

29th November 2013, 05:26 PM
Great subtle images :) pref one, as I like the dog on the floor - it almost looks real there :) Nice light and capture !

and WoW thats some GREAT compliment for the ONE !

I am looking forward to the Studio shoot next Saturday :)