View Full Version : 12-40mm with 150 off at Amazon

28th November 2013, 10:14 AM
For anybody who missed out on the special price when buying the 12-40mm lens with the E-M1, Amazon are currently advertising it for 750.32, which is a saving of about 150. The snag is that they are quoting 1 to 4 months delivery. I suppose if you are not in a hurry it could be worth placing an order as it is still at full price everywhere else. When I have ordered items from Amazon at an extremely competitive price but with a long delivery date, they have always arrived in the end at the quoted price.

The easiest way to find the link is through camerapricebuster (http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/Olympus/Olympus-PEN-System-Lenses/Olympus-M.ZUIKO-DIGITAL-ED-12-40mm-f2.8-Pro-Lens).