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David Morison
21st November 2013, 12:24 PM
As the E-M1 has been in the hands of quite a few of us (apologies to those who haven't yet received theirs) I thought it useful to start a thread on the various ways in which we have customised our cameras. I know customisation has come up in a number of other threads, especially referring to BIFs, but thought it would be useful to put it all together in one thread. I received my camera on October 4th, just before I went on a week's vacation in Northern Corfu. I obviously had a fair bit of spare time to get used to the camera during that break but as I was situated next to a nature reserve my concentration was on photographing wild things and not general use. I must admit that my first couple of weeks with the camera didn't go quite as I'd hoped, having owned an E-M5 for over a year I imagined it would be plain sailing - not so! However now seven weeks down the line I have ironed out most of my difficulties, most of which were probably OE, and feel I've now customised my camera to suit most of my needs. For those who haven't already realised, my main interest is in bird photography with a smattering of landscape and macro thrown in, so a lot of my settings are with these subjects in mind - but I thought worth sharing nevertheless. I realise of course that there are many who would do things very differently and this is what then thread is about. So give us your settings and ideas - we can all learn from each other.

Here goes:

Exposure setting

I use Centre weighted for almost everything.

AF settings:

I use S-AF only now as my results with C-AF have not been very successful for my chosen subjects, although I am starting to use C-AF Tr for some Landscape work.

I use Single target small area (AF Home) for most of my subjects but for fast movers I use either centre 9 or Single target magnified (5x).

Burst rate
For static or slow movers I use "L" set to 4 fps, for fast movers I use "H" at 10fps.

Mode settings
For most static subjects I will use "A" mode but for wildlife other than macro (unless the wind is blowing the subject around) I will use "S" mode, as even with a static bird for instance, feathers can move with the wind and spoil a shot.

Button function settings

These are my current button assignments:

Fn1 - My1 (for BIFs against the sky)
Fn2 - My2 (for BIFs against a solid background)
Record button - x2 DTC
AEL/AFL Button - Focus Peaking
Lens mount top button - Magnify
Lens mount lower button - AF area home
Arrow right - Flash control
Arrow down - ISO

Dial setting

Rear dial
In "A" mode - Aperture setting
In "S" mode - Shutter setting
In "M" mode - Shutter setting

Front dial
In "A" mode - Exposure compensation
In "S" mode - Exposure compensation
In "M" mode - Aperture setting

Lever setting

Position 1 - mode5
Position 2 - Off, but I use this to enable MF in all modes


My1 - For BIFS against the sky:
"S" mode 1/1250th, LSF( but will eventually go to RAW), S-AF centre 9, "H" burst rate, Vivid, Exposure compensation + 1.7. I will sometimes enable magnify single target 5x for some subjects and change the exposure compensation.

My2 - For BIFs against solid background
Same as My1 but without any exposure compensation.

Well I think I've exhausted everything there, including my brain, but if I think of anything else I'll post.


21st November 2013, 12:40 PM
Thanks David. To avoid repeating myself, there was also this thread started by myself some while back. http://e-group.uk.net/forum/showthread.php?t=29816

21st November 2013, 12:43 PM
A good idea David, a few of mine:

CAF Lock Gear Wheel A, last item page to, set to Normal (although I'm trying High at the moment to see if there is any improvement)

Release Priority C, Gear Wheel C 2nd item, set On (allows shutter release even when focus lock is not confirmed . I find that when shooting birds in flight this improves my "keeper rate"

I use M mode when the light is constant and S or A mode when it varies (Adjusting ISO to get the required Aperture in S and Shutter speed in A, working up to ISO1600 as a routine)

Rec View, Spanner, item 4 off to stop the pre-view slowing down frame rate when shooting in CAF + L rate

Front of body DOF button is set to Magnify, which I find is very helpful, when using a half-pressed shutter button my third finger can easily depress the DOF button to trigger the smaller box, then on second push full magnification with the thumbwheel to vary the level of magnification as required

David Morison
21st November 2013, 05:41 PM
Release Priority C, Gear Wheel C 2nd item, set On (allows shutter release even when focus lock is not confirmed . I find that when shooting birds in flight this improves my "keeper rate"

This obviously works well for you Brian, judging by your excellent results, but all I get is OoF images. I'm not sure my skills are up to C-AF anyway and this seems to heighten my inadequacies!


21st November 2013, 07:01 PM
I guess it may depend on how well we locate the focus box on the subject to start with?

I find that with it switched off I quite often see the camera focus briefly, then start hunting around again, where as with it on the moment I see it coming into focus I press the shutter and that seems to make its mind up for it (if that makes sense, its sometimes difficult to describe what is almost instinctive to do)

David Morison
21st November 2013, 07:08 PM
Thanks Brian, I shall try again!


22nd November 2013, 01:35 PM
Interesting to see others settings as I am still figuring mine out.

Some things occurred to me trying to customise:

- Why can't the bin / delete button be customised for shooting settings?
- No way to switch between 4 mysets with single button and a thumb wheel?
- Ability to save / restore / configure mysets & buttons over wifi app would be great!