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10th November 2013, 12:16 PM
Hello folks.

I've been looking at these lenses and I'm surprised to find that the MkII is selling for much less than the Mk I.

There have been other threads on these two lenses and in post #4 of this one:


around the time of the introduction of the Mk II lens, I think, Ian says

I have had clarification from Olympus in Japan that the only major difference between the original 75-300 and the Mark 2 is that the newer version has the improved Zero lens coatings. Oh, and the new version is more affordable than the old one! :)

I'd be grateful if people with experience of one or both lenses could comment on the IQ and handling, speed of focus, etc of each lens please. Is this clarification from Ian borne out in practice?

Thanks in advance *chr

10th November 2013, 02:32 PM
I have the Mk2, and it certainly focuses quickly, and feels well-built. Only problem is, I can't figure out why I bought it! I'm simply not a long-lens person. 150mm is plenty for me.

10th November 2013, 03:44 PM
My Mk2 is nice to handle, nicely damped feel to the zoom action.
I cannot comment on the Mk1 never having owned one (but I have handled one).
The image quality is quite a close match for the Lumix 100-300 but the Lumix is a tad faster but larger as a consequence. I prefer to suffer a little loss of speed for compactness with this focal length.
For what it's worth I think the MK2 is a nicer handling lens than the Mk1 and suits the look of the E-M5/EM-1 better, if that matters to you.