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26th October 2013, 01:36 AM
Just our of curiosity, Since the E-m1 is without the AA filter, will it AF with a IR Filter? Can IR photography work with this camera?

In the E-xxx series, The AA is removed and usually replaced with a IR filter.

26th October 2013, 01:43 AM

Found this.

In the 2nd post,

I have really enjoyed using my IR E-420 and it goes with me most places I take a camera now (provided it's a sunny day!). IR just doen't work well in the gloom though. My camera is full spectrum so I have a filter on the front and use the liveView function to frame and focus (Contrast AF seems to work really well on it).

Will a IR filter work in the case of a E-m1?

Ralph Harwood
28th October 2013, 06:51 PM
Hi there blu-by-u!

When I did my modifications I removed the glass in front of the sensor which not only had the AA (anti aliasing) filter, but as part of a sandwich of 6 or so layers it had a hot mirror. This is what is used to reflect the IR light to prevent it from affecting the colour balance of normal light in pictures taken by the camera.

The E-M1 has no AA filter, but I would think (I can't guarantee though) that the E-M1 will still have a hot-mirror. One way of testing if a camera is IR sensitive is to view an IR source using LiveView (or the EVF on a E-M1 or E-M5) - the most common IR source that everyone will have at home is a TV remote control - point it at the camera and if it is IR sensitive it should glow a bright white (or sometimes slightly red or purplish). This would mean that you can take IR photos with a filter on, but you may find that the images on your EVF might be grainy and it may be difficult for the camera to obtain focus in the same way that it would in dark conditions.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help - I haven't seen an E-M1 in the flesh yet - but I think that trial and error might be the best way forward.



PS if anyone has a spare E-M1 that they don't need they could donate it to me for IR conversion:eek:

28th October 2013, 07:29 PM
So far every single digital camera I have tried has been able to show the LED on an IR remote. It's not a good test because the filters on the sensors aren't all that strong and some IR will always go through.

I have a 46mm IR filter and I'm thinking of buying a Sigma 30mm F2.8 (it has a 46mm filter thread) - I'll try that combination when I get my camera (maybe ~10 days from now).

In my experience, you need really long exposures unless the IR filter has been removed from the sensor (and I'm definitely not going to do that). Even with the IR filter in place, you can get some results.