View Full Version : the ONE in low light Woodland Funghi

18th October 2013, 07:50 AM
Yesterday I took the ONE to Micheldever Woods with half a dozen children for a FUN gi hunt; id and afternoon snacks.

ALL these images were taken in raw and converted to jpeg but saved quite large and loaded to Flicker where you can enlarge to see detail and view exif.

NOT perfect :rolleyes: BUT I WAS BLOWN AWAY by this camera and its ability to capture these images, most were in the dense and dark woodland under a full canopy of very green leafed trees. NO FLASH !


Alf, has kindly id'd two - I could not find in our playroom FUN ghi book ... and I took the wrong lens :eek: so going back today with the 60 macro to get a much better image of the Purple one.

There were some amazing piles of "black and Dark Brown" yuckky Fungi which I hope to capture too :) none of which were in the BOOK :eek:

ps on many I had a "tremble" or "shake" so I activated C-AF+Tr which gave me clearer images ! NOW that could be a real bonus for many Elders with this problem !