View Full Version : HELP PLEASE. Search for a members thread

13th October 2013, 10:57 AM
QUOTE. 1/ Each buyer / seller will have their own thread - the thread title being their forum name. Before you post feedback, please search to check whether that person already has a thread - if they do, please post to that thread (don't start a new one).
I've just broken rule number 1!! Sorry.
How do I find a members thread so I can add feedback to it? When I get the hang of it I will edit the first post and do it correctly.

Bikie John
13th October 2013, 12:15 PM
On the main option bar, click on Search to get the pulldown, then Advanced search. This gives you a panel with all sorts of options. Under the bit where you put in the string you are searching for, there is a pulldown which defaults to "Search entire posts", you can change that to "Search titles only". The panel bottom right allows you to limit the search to a particular sub-forum.

Hope this helps. It's far easier to do than to describe.