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17th September 2013, 04:02 PM
Its the same with every new model announcement over the last few years i have eventually given in and upgraded. The only exception was with the E5. This year i am of to Oz for Xmas and looking at reviews etc i thought i would check out prices down under before buying one here. Poor exchange rates seemed to have bottomed out and are on the up in favour of the . Aussies have introduced in April 2013 a Tourist Rebate Scheme whereby if you buy an item in a store over $300 you show your receipt and item after passing through immigration at the airport and 10% of the price paid is refunded to your credit card.

What does this mean financially?

Teds cameras has a Body at $1599. A body with the 12-40 f2.8 is $2399.

In real money terms that is 941 body only or with the lens included 1412 at todays exchange rates.

If i have read the blurb correctly a further 10% is retuned by way of the Tourist Rebate Scheme on leaving the country.

This means the body is 847 and with the 12-40 lens is 1271

Has anyone had any experience of the TRS and of bringing cameras back into the country from outside the EU and of the Duties to be paid in the UK?


17th September 2013, 04:06 PM
There's no import duty on cameras - just 20% VAT.

EDIT: That seems to be true for importing from the US, but possibly 4.2% Import duty (plus the VAT) from Australia...

RE-EDIT: See http://www.ukimports.org/taric.html You need to click on the link "Click here to the EC Taric website" and try to find digital cameras...