View Full Version : EM5 one week on vs GH3, my opinion.

Kiwi Paul
8th July 2013, 02:46 PM
I've had the EM5 for a week now and the GH3 for several months. I've been out with the EM5 a lot this last week, getting familiar with it and also enjoying the novelty factor.
The EM5 felt good from the first day and the more I've used it the more I like it. I was thinking the smaller form factor might have made the ergonomics too cramped but I find it nice to hold and all the buttons and dials easy to reach and access. I've changed the settings of the function buttons a few times till I found a setup that works best for me and I find it a very easy camera to use and change settings with. I've set Fn2 as AF area select and the button with the red dot to return the focus point to the home position (or toggle between single point and multipoint focus) and the dials to move the focus cursor around the EVF and this is much better than the GH3 which I thought was good.
I find the GH3 feels a bit cumbersome compared to the EM5 in some respects.
I prefer the EM5 for handheld macro photography, it just has a better "feel".
The EM5 would be better for street photography too, again the nimble feel make it a better choice.
There are a couple of things though, bracketing is a real pain on the EM5, requiring several button pushes to access the option in the menu then having to set the camera to continuous shoot mode, then reset everything once you have finished with bracketing, the GH3 just requires turning a dial 2 clicks. I've also found the focusing on the GH3 (and G5) to be overall better than the EM5, both the Pany's really focus instantaneously under almost any condition, even low light, the EM5 can 'hunt' momentarily in less than ideal conditions.
The Pany's also instantly focus when you look through the EVF without touching the shutter button, the Oly is a lot slower and takes about a second to adjust focus.
IQ in both jpgs and raw are all but the same, both cameras have excellent IQ.
I don't find the Pany 'videocentic' either, it's a fine stills camera with excellent video to boot.
So far I'm favoring the EM5 for regular shooting but it's still new to me so the novelty factor hasn't worn off yet so I'll see in a month or so how I feel then.
I don't have the EM5 grip yet so all my comments are based on using it with no grip.


8th July 2013, 02:59 PM
Once you get used to it, you may set one of the Mysets to do auto-bracketing. It's not exactly intuitive setting these things up, so if I were you I'd wait a while!

8th July 2013, 03:00 PM
Hi Paul - if you use bracketing a lot, set your camera to the bracket modes you prefer including high speed continuous shooting and then remember that camera state as a custom mode.


Kiwi Paul
8th July 2013, 03:31 PM
Ian, Stephen,
Thanks for the tips.
I have Myset1 now set to auto bracket and Fn1 set to access it while being pushed so I'll see how that goes.
It's still quite a few button pushes to access "Mysets" from the menu if you don't assign a Fnc button though.
I'm surprised there isn't an option to assign a Fcn button to directly access auto bracketing (and automatically enables cont shooting).