View Full Version : Limited special offer until 16th June on our infra-red converted Pen E-PL1 - 25% off!

3rd June 2013, 08:53 AM

Just one example of what is possible with our Infra red converted Pen E-PL1

Our infra-red converted Olympus Pen E-PL1 is a super little camera that takes excellent near infra red colour and mono pictures without the need for cumbersome filters and very slow shutter speeds.

I think not enough people have discovered its magic so I'm now offering a 25% discount on our hire price for bookings taken between now and the Sunday 16th June. Bookings can be for any period in the future.

You can read about our camera's capabilities here:


The discount means for a basic 3 day hire (shipping not included) that the price reduces from £39 including VAT to £29.25 or a 7 day hire reduces from £77.95 to £58.46, for example.

Even if you aren't a Micro Four Thirds user, Four Thirds lenses will work fine via an adapter which we can also supply.

And it's arguably the best time of year to be using infra red if photographing landscapes with a lot of foliage :)

We only have one camera body so get your booking in quickly to avoid disappointment! Email us at:


..to book or ask any further questions.

For our whole range of Olympus Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras, see:



3rd June 2013, 05:45 PM
I am impressed with the mixture of green and infrared - is this a composite image Ian?

4th June 2013, 08:38 AM
I will have to go back and find the original and see how I did it - couple years ago now!


6th June 2013, 09:55 AM
Silly me - I used this image as a tutorial on false colour conversion:



14th June 2013, 10:17 AM
Just two more days to take advantage of this great offer :)


15th June 2013, 07:12 AM
If you are thinking of having a old camera converted to Infrared but are unsure of the cost it is worth hiring one for a few days to see if you like the effect.

A pen body is ideal to convert as it is so slim it is easy to add to your bag of OMD & M.Zuiko lenses.

I believe Ian's Infrared camera is a 720nm Infrared filter which gives you the option of the false colour infrared look or it can easily be converted to black and white like this one: