View Full Version : A little fame beckons, but no fortune

19th August 2008, 12:32 PM
I edit a glossy quarterly for our local residents' association in a suburban Surrey village. 48pp, A5 format, 4250 copies, around 8000 readers, centre four pages in colour, rest in B&W.

Right now I have a light-hearted article from a contributor on the benefits and trials of suburban cycling...and I'm looking for a quirky photo to go with it. Anyone fancy their chances? The photo must not be visibly located anywhere too far from Esher ... B&W, printing at around 7 x 14 cm at 300 dpi.

The mag is non-profit making and there is no fee, but attribution of course would be given.

If there's interest in this sort of thing (and a response) there might be other interesting challenges of this sort... What do you think?