View Full Version : what sort of battery life are you getting ?

16th March 2013, 11:23 AM
was just wondering what sort of battery life you guys are getting from the supplied battery? also I take it, it is ok, to pop in on charge at any time to top up without effecting battery life ?

16th March 2013, 12:51 PM
I don't take any measures to conseve battery life in my E-M5 but I find a full battery will last me the best part of a day of regular shooting. A second battery will take me from late afternoon through to evening. I've just bought two more 3rd party batteries, making four in total including the Olympus original and I can't imagine this ever being not enough. I don't use a grip.

I'm not sure about part charging affecting battery life but I generally prefer to fully discharge mine before recharging. Hopefully someone else can answer this.

16th March 2013, 02:00 PM
I find it varies considerably depending on the shooting style. Single shot, walk-about, EVF only, little "chimping" is typcially 300-350.

Continuous burst shooting, 4fps, with the system off between bursts and no chimping has consistently given me over 1000 shots

A cold shoot last week (-4'ish) drained the battery in less than 200 shots!

The LCD seems to be the major source of power drain


I usually carry 3 spares, 2 of 3rd party make and discharge each battery unitl it stops working before replacing it with a fresh one. I also tend to leave it in the charger for several hours after the light goes out (mainly absent-mindeness but it doesn't seem to do any harm)

One thing I have noticed is that if I don't switch off before changing batteries I can get spurious "low charge" messages with the new, fully charged battery, I don't know if this does any harm?

16th March 2013, 04:03 PM
Like most people I seem to get 300+ shots. Fortunately after market batteries are cheap (though they need their own charger) so it is a good idea to carry a fully charged spare.

As regards advice on topping up or fully discharging there seem to be conflicting opinions. As it is a lithium ion battery it should not have a memory effect so topping up is fine. Some people recommend discharging fully occasionally to re-calibrate the battery charge measuring system.

16th March 2013, 05:54 PM
I've been disappointed with battery life and don't think I have been doing as well as some of the previous posts suggest I should be. Hahnel bateries will charge in an Olympus charger. There is an advantage in getting a third party charger because many will run on 12v as well as 230v so can be used in the car.

16th March 2013, 05:58 PM
I have original + 2 third party batteries. I don't seem to get more than about 200 shots from the original and nearer 100-150 from the third party. It also seems that all batteries, but especially the third party, go from a 'full' indication to empty with little warning.

16th March 2013, 07:22 PM
You can change the point at which the low battery warning shows, in the default setting it does seem too quick, I think I set mine down 1 step which gives me around 30 shots before it dies, useful when shooting fast action (3rd option in the Utility section)

I found that by setting LCD / EVF switching and post shot image review off I got major extension to battery life (I also made some other changes in settings that helped, which I can't remember, too long ago)

16th March 2013, 08:31 PM
Thanks for the replies :)
I have turned of image review as I find that annoying. I was was hoping it would help with longer battery life.

I have the HLD-6 battery grip coming with extra battery so I should get more shooting time . I think I will get some more batteries on order just to cover myself would hate to tun out on a day out shooting.