View Full Version : Announcements only please, no rumors or speculation.

11th March 2013, 02:58 PM
General misuse of the "Announcements" board has been brought to my attention. This board is primarily for official annoucements and cast iron news items specifically relating to Olympus products and this site. There is no reason why members shouldn't start a thread on this board if they have information that matches this criteria, but mostly I would expect it to be Ian posting a new topic, upon which of course we can all comment.

News of non-Olympus software, for example, would fit better on the "Software" board and rumours or speculation about expected products are better suited to "Camera Confrerence" or if very general in scope, "The Lounge." There is a seperate "Events" board for announcing Group Meets and things like exhibitions.

It's not a serious issue, but keeping to the main purpose of a board does make it easier to locate topics that you would expect to find there. :)