View Full Version : FL50R - RC fill in flash

18th February 2013, 01:54 PM

I tested my FL50R this weekend, remote controlled (RC). Idea was to test fill-in flash outdoors. The shooting conditions were dull with poor light and heavy overcast, calling for exposure times 1/30-1/125 at ISO 100.

So what I did was to adjust ISO to get exposure time (without flash) around 1/125, then activated the flash and took pictures with flash assist.

I tested both the "auto flash" and the "fill in flash" mode in the camera.

All pictures taken with "auto flash" came out underexposed, - 1.5 EV on average.
All pictures taken with "fill in flash" came out more or less correctly exposed.

I used both A and P exposure modes, both of them providing 1/180 s as expected.

What did I do wrong?

Then I read in the manual, page 34 about the possibility to adjust the flash intensity value on a scale +/-3 (is the value EV?). The manual is not very clear about this, it says "the actual flash light intensity will be the total of the flash intensity value set on the electronic flash unit and that set on the camera". However later on the same page there is a note about "in RC mode the built-in flash of the camera is used to remote control signal and therefore cannot be used as a flash." These two statements are contradictory.