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19th December 2012, 07:42 PM
Hi all,
This is my first post here although I"ve been reading and learning plenty from your forum for a few months now.I would some appreciate some advice regarding the OM-DE-M5 and/or 11-22 lens.I started a few years back with a E400 twin lens kit,14-42,and 40-150 lens and added 35 macro and more recently
an EPL1 and mmf-2 adaptor.I intend to upgrade to the OM-DE-M5 body and 11-22 lens.Finances say it will be one shortly after xmas and the other later in the year,which one first?.OM-DE-M5 body to use with my existing gear or 11-22 with my EPL1.What combination would I get the most from.Most of my photography tends to be landscape.

Simon Bee
19th December 2012, 09:12 PM
Finances say it will be one shortly after xmas and the other later in the year,which one first?.

If you can find a way to buy the OM-D before the end of the month you really should do so for your purchase will qualify you for a "FREE" 45mm f1.8 ;)

Although you are mostly into landscapes I am sure that if you buy an OM-D at some point you would add the 45mm to your outfit, so why not have one for free now.

Use the 14-42 you already have with the mmf-2 that you also have until funds allow the purchase of for example the M4/3 9-18mm.

In my film "only" days I often carried a 21mm / 35mm & 90mm .... nothing else and this covered most of my needs most of the time. the 9-18 & free 45 would closely resemble such a range.

If 11mm is as wide as you will ever need then consider the OM-D & 12-50 package, at 150 more than the body only it offers great value and you will still qualify for the free 45mm. A cheaper option than adding the 4/3 11-22 and most likely more flexible too ;)

Of course this is all a bit mute if you cannot rustle enough together to get the OM-D now but it is what I would do if you could "stretch" to it.

Regards Simon

21st December 2012, 06:22 PM
Thanks for your reply Simon,unfortunately it will be January before I will be able to upgrade,OM-DE-M5 body first then think about lens.Maybe Olympus will have some other offer after the "free" 45mm lens expires.Thanks again


21st December 2012, 06:38 PM
Maybe Olympus will have some other offer after the "free" 45mm lens expires


Hopefully a free OMD with every 45mm :D

21st December 2012, 07:28 PM
Hi Alex, and welcome.

If you cannot buy the E-M5 whilst the current offer of a free 45mm is running, then I would get the lens first. My reasoning for this is that lenses don't tend to drop in price very much but cameras do. There's every chance that later in the year the E-M5 price will fall, especially if a new model is announced.

The 11-22mm is a great lens and water resistant too, but your MMF2 isn't. I'd be inclined to get the 9-18mm, which is also another great lens; the extra 2mm at the wide end makes a huge difference. If you still use your 4/3 DSLR you can get the 4/3 version of the lens and use it with the adaptor. This particular les is optomised (as far as they can for a PDAF lens) for contrast detect AF, too. If not, get the smaller and lighter MFT versin of the lens.