View Full Version : OM-D E-M5 sensor cleaning.

4th December 2012, 01:40 PM
You may remember some time ago the question was raised on the forum about the possibilities of the sensor on the OM-D being cleaned by the user.
I e-mailed Olympus UK support and was given the reply that my enquiry had been passed on to Prague!
Just to let you know.... As yet no reply.

Maybe their busy? Maybe they don't know? Maybe they just can't be bothered?
It's a pity that when you buy a relatively expensive piece of kit in the UK that
the technical support people are in another country and you just get ignored.

It's a damn shame because in the past I have had exemplary service from Olympus UK and now all their conscientious hard work and customer focus is
being negated by their Prague office.

I must try this attitude to my customers. It's obviously in vogue!

4th December 2012, 01:49 PM
Hi Jon,

If you post the email address for Prague maybe we could all have a go. If they get inundated perhaps they might take it more seriously. :)