View Full Version : Inbuilt Flash problems

20th July 2008, 04:53 PM
I just had a real problem with my E-500

The inbuilt flash seemed to get switched to ON even though the flash was not raised. In fact the flash operation button was working as if it was raised and giving me the flash options instead of operating the popup. :(

What this meant was that the flast fired when down and has led to carbonised deposits on the flast from it overheating ( there was also a strong smell associated with this

Once I realised what the problem was (about 3 shots) I reset the camera settings and removed and replaced the battery to make sure that was not burning out.

The next day however on trying it again all seemed fine :confused:

To me It will obviously need to go back to Olympus for a look, but any ideas before I do so


Naughty Nigel
21st July 2008, 03:36 PM
This doesn't add up.:confused:

IMHO The flash on the E500 simply isn't powerful enough to cause that degree of overheating after just three flashes. Even my Metz units don't get that hot if they are fired with a hand over them, and they are at least fifty times more powerful.

It sounds to me as if there is an electrical fault somewhere in the cameras flash system, and a component has burnt out; possibly causing the problems that you experienced.