View Full Version : OMD for astrophotography

9th November 2012, 08:18 PM
Anyone using the EM-5 for astrophotography...exposures of 60sec+???

9th November 2012, 11:11 PM
Yep... but 30 seconds max or you get star trails with 25mm or longer focal length. Of course that may be what you want. 60 seconds probably OK on a fisheye.

I still haven't managed to get stellar (pun) pictures yet but then light pollution where I live is horrendous. I tried whilst on holiday in North Wales but the sky was always too overcast. Still, you can do quite well as OOC jpegs with monochrome and red filter. I was using my old OM Zuikos (not having any MFT primes), the 50mm/F1.2 (a bit long focal length wise but wide open the exposure was down to about 20 seconds even on lowish ISO) and 24mm/F2 (again wide open, this time at 35 to 40 seconds). ISO between 800 and 2000 to see if the noise at higher ISO made much difference. I need to work on my PP to find a way to turn the dark grey background to really black without affecting the highlights (i.e the stars).