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15th July 2008, 08:02 PM
Hi All

I posted the picture below yesterday in Foto Fair as part of a thread entitled Leonardslee, I was hoping to attract some ‘friendly’ critical comment, however any comment has yet to be received, so before I get carried away thinking how wonderful this picture is I thought I would once more throw myself and this particular photo at the mercy of the great and good of the forum, so here I am braving the ‘looking for perfection’ department (gulp) I once again place myself in your hands with this particular image for your critique, I have been known to suffer for my art so please feel free to let me know honestly what you think. How could it have or how can it still be improved?
Thanks for looking.


The image was taken E510 14-54 Raw, converted to DNG and processed in ACR with finishing in CS3.


Nick Temple-Fry
15th July 2008, 08:44 PM
Oh well - as I'm never slow to be judgemental.

Overall a nice image, but lacking anything to push it along. I wonder if a slightly different angle may have strenghthened. Either 5-10 degrees more to the left to make the left hand bank a stronger diagonal (and avoiding perhaps the partial crop of the bush), or much the same the other way.

It's difficult because you've produced lovely colours on what was probably a fairly dull day. And come up with a nice overall shot, but I want the sun/shadows or something to be doing something.

As for the lack of response before, well yes that is frustrating, I've got a few images sitting in the gallery that I think are fantastic, nary a comment and scarcely a view.


15th July 2008, 08:51 PM
As a picture I quite like it but not to sure myself about the colours.Some of the tree trunks look a bit red or purple especially the ones at the back.

Might be my monitor:o

15th July 2008, 09:10 PM
The problem with images like this is that they need to be viewed large to appriciate them and they always underwhelm on the web. This would proberly make a fine large print to hang on the wall but for a few things.

Pros..the composition is pleasing as the water lilies make a good lead in to the scene.

Cons..I suspect the light was pretty poor and you have really worked the colours to try and add some impact and have somehow ended up with a magenta cast in the sky and browns of the tree trunks and the greens are a little to flurecent looking. I would certainly be returning to this scene as I think with the right lighting conditions it could be a cracker of a image. :)

15th July 2008, 09:59 PM
two things would improve this:-

1) go back and shoot about aweek later when more of the water lily blooms are out.

2) shoot on a day with no breeze to get better reflections.

Soft light was probably a good choice as it avoids harsh shadows and excessive contrast amongst the trees, however shooting at dawn may provide a better quality of soft light, particularly if you get a morning where mist is slowly rising from the water and patel pre-sunrise colours infuse the sky.

16th July 2008, 07:03 AM
Hi Guys thanks for your feedback,

Nick, you’re right perhaps a slightly different angle may help the composition, I’ll take a look at that aspect next time I’m there. It was a dullish day; I also needed to under expose to avoid the sky being blown out altogether,

Andy, colour casts are a funny thing, at home on my laptop all looks OK, here sitting at work I can see what you mean as I too can see a slight magenta cast.

Paul, Spot on, the image size that you can view over the web I agree does not do it (or some other images) justice, on my 17” laptop the image looks a whole lot better, and yes I am think about printing it large to see what it looks like. I have noted that you also mention a colour caste I’m really going tom have to look at this.

John, again spot on I was always taught not to shot in harsh light as it does have a bad habit of ruining a scene photographically, you identified the breeze on the water, I am glad you did as that was one aspect that I had already identified as an improvement you just reaffirmed my thoughts.

Whilst I will undoubtly return to this scene, it is a commercially run ‘garden’ which has been matured over the last 200 years or so which is great, the down side is that they charge an entry fee so I’ll have to try to ensure the conditions are just so:)