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21st October 2012, 01:38 PM
Dear all,
I've been using my E-M5 with some difficulty with my Giottos MH 5310 travel tripod which has the MH 630 mini ball head - the plate doesn't lock to the bottom of the camera at all well and it works loose after a few minutes.

Can anyone please recommend another Giottos-compatible QR plate that would fit securely?

I also use a full-sized tripod with a Markins head (which uses the Arca-Swiss system), and I've got a Kirk PZ-130 QR plate that works really well with the E-M5 and that ball-head. However, I'd rather not have to swap heads every time I want to use the travel legs. The PZ-130 has a lip at its rear that engages against the rear edge of the E-M5's bottom plate without fouling the screen articulation; unfortunately Arca-Swiss plates don't fit Giottos tripods.

Any advice gratefully received.

Andrew Riddell
21st October 2012, 02:43 PM

I think you need to change to Giottos MH652 adapter which takes the 642 plate. The 642's screw moves in a slot so you can locate the video pin flush against the front of the EM5 body (which helps prevent sagging when mounted vertically.

It's a little bigger than your existing setup. If the adaptor can be unscrewed from the ball of your 630, you should be able to replace it with the 652.

Hope this helps.


21st October 2012, 05:24 PM
Ah, yes, thanks. I see how that would work. I assume I would replace it by unscrewing the big hex bolt in the top of the adaptor that you can see on removing the QR plate.
I've already emailed Speedgraphic and Harrisons to ask them for ideas, and if they don't come back with a viable alternative I'll propose what you suggest.

It is possible to place the video pin of the MH 630 plate at the back of the E-M5's bottom plate, but you have to pull the articulated screen out, and its not secure since the screw's not in a slot and this leaves a significant gap between the pin and the camera back.

Having done some more web-digging today I also note that Gitzo produce a Gitzo-Arca adapter in the USA. Also, that Really Right Stuff have produced an Arca L-bracket for the camera :)

Andrew Riddell
21st October 2012, 10:09 PM
I think you're right. The hex bolt on the MH652 is c.1.3 cm diameter across its top (i.e. at its widest), but you'd have to check if the one on the MH630 is the same.

On my set-up you have either to pull the bottom of the screen out first or the top out just a little and then flip it towards horizontal. This is because the bottom of the screen could otherwise snag on the adaptor. However, the description sounds more complex than the operation actually is.

If you want to tilt the screen down, the MH652 will only allow you to go about a third of the way, but I suspect you'd rarely do that with a tripod.

I'll be interested in your eventual solution.



22nd October 2012, 10:01 PM
Well, thanks to the efficiency of 3 UK suppliers I've already received some prompt suggestions to mull over. All 3 get a thumbs-up from me, so far! We really are lucky in the UK still to have helpful and knowledgeable suppliers like these...

I haven't got time just now to do more research on this, so I'll post the responses below, which I hope may be useful to others:

Harrison Cameras:
<< Hmmm, itís something that we occasionally come across and as cameras get smaller some of the plates end up being almost too big or donít lock properly as you are experiencing.
The easiest solution is to swop the whole giottos ball head ( Iím sure the ball head comes off ) for something like the Manfrotto equivalent that I know has a far better plate system and at £50 isnít too expensive and fits much better
Must admit Iím not familiar with the arca system >>

<< There isn't anything else that would be better than the Giottos plate that will fit their head, the only option is to change the head for something that has, or will accept an Arca style quick release platform. The problem with this is of course the supplied head is designed to fit between the tripod legs when folded up.
You could fit a small Arca type release mechanism on top of the existing Giottos head, that will then accept the Kirk plate, so the FLM SRB40 for example.
I hope that helps. >>

Clifton Cameras:
<< The Olympus OM-D is quite a narrow camera so I can see how this may cause problems with quick release plates. The latest Vitruvian range uses a slightly different quick release plate system but I think this may still have a problem with working loose.
It sounds like the Acre-Swiss option works but the question is can you get an Arca-Swiss adapter for the Giottos? This I am finding hard to answer so it may require using a different head on the Vitruvian that is compatible with the Arca-Swiss system.
The only option I can see available is the Gitzo GS5360AS (http://www.cliftoncameras.co.uk/Gitzo_GS5360AS_Arca_Style_Quick_Release_Adapter). Looking at the adapter it maybe possible to remove the MH630 section from the ball head on the MH5310 by release the central screw under the quick release plate. Then the Gitzo adapter may fit onto this section and screw on. The adapter would have to be special ordered and non-returnable so it is a pricey risk to take as the adapter comes in at £112.
I hope this information has helped. I think the best solution is changing the head itself. >>