View Full Version : OM-D kit 12-50mm lens OK with kit flash?

12th October 2012, 12:24 PM

I hadn't intended to keep the 12-50mm lens for my OM-D as I have 14-150mm & 45mm. I suppose I should keep it for future resale as a kit, but I can always buy one back for less later on as prices fall.

I also have a 14-42 MSC II R which I had intended to sell.

Would I be better keeping the smaller lens for flash work using the FL-LM2 as it won't create so much of a shadow at close range, being shorter, or is the kit flash high enough to avoid this with the 12-50 anyhow?

I also have an FL-36R which should be fine on the OM-D or on a bracket, triggered by the kit flash, but I have seen the FL-600R is recommended for the OM-D. Does the FL-36R's AF assist lamp work with the OM-D or only the 600's? Not sure it's worth the extra 100+ to swap the 36R for the 600R as I generally cope using onboard flash, such as that on my E-PL2, so the OM-D kit flash may suffice?

Any comments/suggestions welcome.