View Full Version : OMD & i Pad 1

7th October 2012, 10:06 PM
I used to have apiece of kit that allowed me to connect my N*kon cameras to my iPad, but hey I've gone and lost it.
What I want to do is to connect my OMD to my iPad it is one of the first models without internet capability bnut I do connect to the 'tinternet through my wireless router.
What is the best way to download images from the OMD to the iPad?
Would using and eye-fi card in the OMD do the trick or would I be better hard wiring it using various leads and adapters. If so what do I need?
If I've made any sense please help.

7th October 2012, 10:16 PM
the EyeFi card should do it I think. I used to connect my canon 60D to the Samsung Tab 7 that way even though the EyeFi set up on the 60D wasn't that good (haven't got around to trying it with the EM-5 yet, must dig the card out and give it a go one day)

7th October 2012, 10:23 PM
Ha Ha. Found 'em.
Little devils were hiding. Instead of being in any old random place they were right where I had left them. Funny thing that. loads of things I temporarily misplace turn up where I last had them.
Except for last week when I found my 'specs in the microwave!
Thanks Brian I'm going to give the Eye-fi card a try out soon.