View Full Version : HELP! E-5 whenever switched off, certain settings reset themselves.

23rd September 2012, 04:12 PM
Hi everyone, I've just upgraded to an E-5 and while everything's going great so far there are a couple of little niggles and I'm not sure whether these are faults, features or bugs that would be corrected by updating the firmware.

A small number of settings reset themselves whenever I turn the camera off. So far I know for definite of three settings that do this but there may be others.

Namely, the setting for the AEL/AFL button mode, which I like to have set for mode 3 in MF (the one where the AEL/AFL button will activate the autofocus), with my E-500, I set this once and forevermore it remained, however with the E-5 whenever I switch the camera back on, I have to set this again.

The other two are the image stabliser mode, which resets to IS1, and I mostly use a tripod so am continually forgetting that I have to turn the IS off each time I come to use it; and MF assist, which resets to 'off'. The E-500 has neither of these features so I can't comment whether earlier cameras had the same issue.

However other settings, such as colour space, file mode, setting the shooting mode to use the remote control and having the modes the info button cycles through include spirit level in live view remain as I have set them.

And yes, this is all with a fully charged Olympus battery

Any thoughts?

23rd September 2012, 04:45 PM
OK, my bad. Turns out it was in 'my mode', where settings won't save unless you specifically save them.