View Full Version : Studio 2 .2 available

Scapula Memory
8th July 2008, 10:53 AM
For those that use it an update is now available.

According to Olympus this is what`s new,

Ver. 2.2 June 23, 2008
* Support for Portuguese (Brazilian).
* Improved the display speed in Preview Area in "RAW Development" and "Image Edit" windows.
* Added the functions to narrow down, sort, and delete files in Thumbnail Area of all windows.
* Added the function to clear Cache.

8th July 2008, 02:33 PM
I decided to buy this today, having briefly looked at the trial (earlier) version when I bought my camera and then forgetting about it.
I'm pleasantly surprised. There's obviously a learning curve which I'm just stepping on, but so far I'm pleased with the results it produces and the speed in which it processes the files. In my limited tests it seems slightly better than ACR4.5 as used in CS3 and Lightroom and Capture 1 Four, which was unstable on my PC. It's a whole world of difference to Master 2 in use, if not results.

Scapula Memory
8th July 2008, 03:09 PM
I have always got on well with S2 and find it converts as good as or better than ACR. Have to say there is a definite speed increase as claimed, it really was quite zippy when I used it today. I appreciate S2 cannot do the stuff that Elements can but it is still a good program to have side by side.