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22nd September 2012, 03:11 PM
Hi guys, just joined the forum after purchasing this fantastic little camera. Half the size and a third of the weight of my (now part ex'ed) D300s.

I too will probably be asking "stupid" questions during my learning curve so please be patient!

1st one - I'm looking for a camera mounted flash unit, what are general opinions of the members to the Metz 50 or 58? Can't justify the cost of the FL50R and I can't see myself needing the video light on the FL600R. I'm also open to other suggestions (clean please!)

22nd September 2012, 03:35 PM
I use all sorts of Flash Guns. While the FL-50Rs are great for RC Mode and Slave Mode, I also use Radio Triggers (http://www.pixelhk.com/Proshow.aspx?id=65 ) to work at distance, round corners & Bright Daylight.

Lost of "strobists" use and like the Yongnuo speedlights http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-ourproduct.php?category=1.Flash

Have fun


22nd September 2012, 07:24 PM
I do not use flash often but I find the FL-300R very useful as it can be used on camera or wirelessly controlled by the tiny bundled flash. It is small enough to slip into a pocket and comes with a stand. It tilts but does not swivel. Its main limitation is that it is not very powerful.