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20th September 2012, 08:26 PM
A friend has contacted me asking to purchase some of my photographs. This is the first time anyone has wanted to buy my work and made me realise I should have some form of contract prepared for such occurrences.

It's not what my work is worth, I can come to a value and negotiate a price but it's more about how the images are to be used and what permissions to allow.

How do others here sell their work?



21st September 2012, 07:47 AM
I sell all my work, photography and digital through stock agencies. I am in the process of installing a payment system (paypal) on my site so I can sell it myself so I have the same question for other members. I was thinking of looking at the licenses that stock agencies apply to images purchased through them and maybe tweaking them to suite. It is all out there but it is just getting it right. Whatever you do never sell the rights to an image. Hope this helps and hope another member can give more detailed advice.

21st September 2012, 12:06 PM
Steve, I am " blown away to hear this" :( Your Salisbury font image is stupendously STUNNING and should be on the Cathredral brochure - sell it to them :) there will increase Visitor numbers by using it :) (these brochures are stocked by most B&B and Hotels and Tourist offices etc., ) and your IMAGE STANDS OUT

and your STOURHEAD in Sumtumn last year :) although NT are a bit funny - they only permit NON COMMERCIAL use of photosgraphs taken on their premises :( - but again YOURS is soooo STUNNING they should USE IT and BUY it for m you :) :D

PS that is a big bummer :( Nation Trust and other places that ONLY PERMIT PHOTOGRAPHY FOR PRIVATE USE and NO COMMERCIAL PHOTS allowed :( - so check you have permission before you sell :) :D

Nick Temple-Fry
21st September 2012, 12:46 PM
You need to consider what rights you have to the content in the photograph.

Consider, for example, a picture of Salisbury Font and the fact that your friend runs a Pizza business and wishes to use the image to promote his product ('Our Jumbo Pizzas are not quite as big as Salisbury Font, but they are still the food of the Gods'). In this case several groups already have rights that precede and override yours

- the designer of the font
- the church which owns the font
- any incidental people in the image - perhaps they are strict vegetarians and would object to having their image, even remotely, associated with the sale of a meat topping.

However if your friend merely wants the picture to illustrate the fact there is a font at Salisbury Cathedral then you have far fewer issues. Both the font, any other property and incidental people are 'facts' and provided they are not being used to sell/promote have little cause to object. Though a picture which merely reproduced an existing work of art/design with no other context could well have problems.

As Chevvyf1 has commented, admission to some places is conditional on your understanding that photographs can not be taken or that the location owner is only allowing you in if you accept that no photographs taken may be sold. Whatever your view of the fairness of such conditions - provided there is some form of notification - you have agreed to them by entering the property.

Congratulations on your sale and apologies for the rather cautionary comments.


21st September 2012, 12:57 PM
Nick, well said :)

Steve, I remembered this - the Autuhor is Prof of Law at Herriot Watt in Edinburgh